Strategic Risk Analysis Limited was founded in 2006 by Rodney Dickens and Denise Pilbrow, motivated by a desire to help a myriad of New Zealand businesses, as well as individuals, to make better quality decisions.  We will have succeeded in this quest if, after making use of our services, you consider us to be partners in your business risk management and/or investment strategies.

Our quality assurance is that our services will contain the most rigorous analysis available, delivered in plain English and with a bit of fun along the way.  Ours are not traditional economic reports full of mumbo jumbo.  We are not in the traditional economic forecasting game (i.e. using “black-box” forecasting techniques that are often as useful as an umbrella made of toilet paper).  Our reports contain predictions based on upfront analysis that you can see with the aid of our leading indicator charts. They will help you understand how things work in the real world and how the economy interacts with your business and/or investments. 

Our analytical framework is designed to ring warning bells in advance of major changes.  We leave the analysis of the noise in the monthly retail sales and building consents data to the economist.  Of course, forecasting the future is an art not a science, so even armed with the best analytical techniques in the world we will not always get it right.  Who knows when “nuclear bombs” might start falling on Chicken Licken’s head.  However, we can confidently assert that our track record in our specialist areas is matched by none, while in the event of a major shock we will issue a Special Report to help clients negotiate the chaos.

Our philosophy is to ensure that price is not an obstacle to you having access to the best available analysis.  We want individuals, and small, medium and large businesses to have an equal opportunity to make better decisions with the help of our insightful and often unique analysis.  To implement our philosophy we have set our prices at affordable levels and we have a tiered pricing system based on the size of your organization.

As Professor John Ward, Dean of Economics at Waikato University in the 1970s, said: “There is no unique definition of equity.  It can be considered equitable for all users of a service to pay the same price.  However, an equally acceptable definition of equity is that each user pays in proportion to the value he/she gains from the service.”  Or words to that affect.  Our approach to pricing falls in between the extremes of these two definitions of equity.