Housing Prospects are New Zealand’s premium housing market reports.  The first-class and independent analysis contained in the Housing Prospects reports make them a must have for anyone interested in the housing market.  This includes developers, building and related companies, financiers, investors, real estate agents, valuers, law firms, government agencies and would-be home owners.  Annual subscriptions cover either monthly reports (11 months per annum with a combined December/January report) or quarterly reports (March, June, September and December).

The Housing Prospects are produced 11 months per annum and focus primarily on the national existing house and section markets, but also provide insights on near-term house price prospects for 24 cities/districts. 

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These reports provide unique insights into the outlooks for existing house and section demand, and existing house and section prices.  The predictions are based on definitive analysis of what drives housing cycles, including the impacts of interest rates, migration, affordability and tax changes.  The reports contain analysis of whether it is a good, bad or an indifferent time to invest in housing, and an assessment of the merits of buying versus renting.

We also produce quarterly reports that provide assessments of regioanl and city/district existing housing and residential building prospects (see Regional Barometers).