The Monetary Policy Briefing reports are produced every six weeks when the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) makes it decisions about the Official Cash Rate (OCR).  Our track record is second to none in assessing medium-term prospects for the OCR.  Annual subscription options are available for either all the six-weekly reports (i.e. eight per annum) or for the quarterly reports that relate to critique the full Monetary Policy Statements (i.e. the March, June, September and December reports).

The reports critique the RBNZ’s analysis and forecasts, and identify where outcomes for key parts of the economy, including the likes of inflation, labour costs, interest rates and consumer spending are likely to differ materially from what the RBNZ is predicting.

Our critiquing of the RBNZ’s analysis and forecasts will provide valuable big-picture or strategic insights into whether the OCR will behave in line with what the RBNZ is signaling.  Our analysis will also often show that prospects for the OCR differ significantly from what the bank economists and other economic forecasters are predicting.

The first-class and independent analysis contained in the reports make them a must have for anyone interested in assessing and managing how interest rates impact on their business and/or investments.

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