The Team is comprised of Rodney Dickens (Managing Director and Chief Research Officer), Denise Pilbrow (Office Manager and Research Officer), Gary Dick (IT Manager and Website Design) and Jude Dick (Website Administrator).

Rodney Dickens

Before founding Strategic Risk Analysis Limited in 2006 Rodney had five years at ASB, including as Group Strategist and Head of Research.  He has been a member of the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee and researched international interest rate behaviour at the Bank of England in London.  He has been Chief Economist at a New Zealand commercial bank and New Zealand Head of Research at two international investment banks.

During his time at ASB Rodney fine-tuned his already considerable skills in housing market research.  While few if any can match his credentials and track record at analysing and forecasting interest rates, the exchange rate, consumer spending, residential building activity, the labour market and inflation.

His enviable track record is tribute both to the rigorous forecasting framework he has developed and to his passion for supplying clients with valuable business risk management tools.

Over the past 25 years Rodney has developed a unique analytical framework based on leading indicator analysis, a hands-on understanding of how many industries and markets work, and sound judgement about human behaviour.  This analytical framework gives him a unique advantage in providing definitive analysis and forecasts for the housing market, residential building, consumer spending and interest rates.

Denise Pilbrow

Prior to founding Strategic Risk Analysis Limited with Rodney, Denise was Northland Golf Development Manager.  She has experience doing accounts for several prominent Northland companies, for 12 year was the proprietor of a hotel and shares Rodney’s passion for doing hands-on property research. 

Gary Dick and Jude Dick

In addition to their work with Strategic Risk Analysis Limited, Gary and Jude are the owners/managers of Alternate Routing Limited, a central North Island Technology Consultancy Business.  Gary has over twelve years experience working with Web and Information System Technologies and has a passion for Web Centric Information Systems Delivery.  Jude runs operational support and is instrumental in the continuing success of Alternate Routing Limited.